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The world of computers and Internet is the world of the future. IT development and the digitization of our reality is getting faster and faster, so we need more specialists who will be able to modify it on an ongoing basis. We need IT specialists who not only are going to watch over the changes proceeding at a tremendous pace and introduce any innovations, but also to protect everything what people keep online from falling into the wrong hands.

That is why our tutoring center organizes a wide range of authorized IT courses for more advanced learners, in order to expand their abilities and get new professional competencies. In our broad offer there are computer trainings which take up the topics such as programing, cybercrime and online safety, virtualization, and many others. You can also sign up for the trainings authorized by the giants of the IT world dedicated to working on the revolutionary systems created by them.

Additionally, we rent well-equipped, modern meeting rooms in Katowice.


Microsoft AZURE

Microsoft AZURE
Discover extraordinary potential of the multifunctional cloud app Microsoft Azure, which is used by the biggest companies in the world. Learn how to make use of its wide range of options. This specialised software for programmers allows to create new apps in the cloud.

Computer forensics

Computer forensics
Learn about the mysterious world of computer crimes and modern technologies of IT forensics. You will find out for example about localising cybercriminals, fighting against them, and securing and analyzing the media found as an evidence at the crime scene.

Hacking and cybercrime

Hacking and cybercrime
Learn the most popular sociotechnics and well-known attacking techniques inside out. Find out about hackers’ possible thought process. Learn how to recognize any potential risks in the cyberspace and how the attacks are done to defend yourself better!



We provide trainings of the IT industry in Poland, because our mission is to educate the future IT professionals. Computers are becoming an integral part of our world in an increasing pace, therefore we believe that we need more qualified specialists.

We’ve been given an authorization to our proprietary trainings by many giants of the IT industry, what confirms our competence in educating and passing substantive content. The trainings concern for example working on servers, operating systems, apps and databases. Well known and appreciated in the whole world IT companies, such as Microsoft, ESET and others, have given us the authorization. Explore the world of programing, improve your qualifications and become a specialist in the IT industry!


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